Having spent several years living in Ventura, Calif., and now based in Seattle, Kevin Coochwytewa draws creative inspiration from many sources including the California Coast and the Pacific Northwest. The natural sense of peace and balance found in these environments is inevitably reflected in his work.

With many years of experience in creative management roles, Kevin is well-versed in coordinating and managing stringent budgets and pressing deadlines. As Senior Designer and Art Director at the Heard Museum, an internationally recognized cultural and arts institution in Phoenix, he played a critical role in maintaining the brand integrity of the museum. As the Creative Director for Native Peoples, a national media outlet that included a consumer magazine with a readership of over 100,000, he elevated the visual aesthetic and quality of the bimonthly publication.

Kevin’s dedication to create a personal and rewarding experience for each client from concept to completion, helps to attract and initiate positive results. Enjoying the entire process involves pushing boundaries and going above and beyond to exceed each client’s expectations.

Take a look at the work and get in touch. Good vibes and striking design are two things that are hard to ignore.

Art Director Kev and photographer Larry Price on a shoot in Santa Clara Pueblo, N.M. Photos by Rima Krisst.


For more information, to request a project quote or a detailed résumé,
you can reach Kevin at, or via contact form.