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Driven by passion. Fundamental design principles are practiced to create harmony and balance from what may otherwise seem like chaotic endeavors.

Lightning Kev

Kevin Coochwytewa is "Lightning Kev," a graphic designer and art director with over 15 years experience working for in-house art departments in the nonprofit, advertising and publishing industries. He holds a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Arizona and has won awards for his work in typography, illustration and publication design.

As an infant, Kevin was named Talwif’tiyo, meaning Lightning Boy in the Hopi language, by his paternal grandmother who was from the Water Clan at the village of Mishongnovi. Naturally, he has always had a strong connection to his given name.

Kevin specializes in all aspects of visual communication including logo design, branding, editorial, advertising and environmental graphics. He credits his indigenous Isleta Pueblo and Hopi heritage with sparking his lifelong appreciation of art and design. Being born into and immersed in a vibrant living culture has inspired and shaped the thought processes and executions of his designs.

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